Brew a special garden potion

For ages 18 months – 8 years

Witches’ brews, fairies’ stews and magic potions – there are so many things your child could create with some simple plant materials. As they pick, scrunch, mix and pour, they are  developing their physical skills.

 What do I need?

  • A basket or container for collecting items
  • An outdoor area with   plants and flowers
  • Some jars, pots, pans, jugs and/or plastic cups
  • Water
  • Scissors (optional).

 How do I do it?

  1. Take your child for a walk outdoors. It could be in your garden or around your neighbourhood.
  2.  Select some flowers, herbs, leaves, bark and grasses.

Make sure to collect plants that are non-toxic. Dandelions, daisies, garden herbs and grass are usually great choices. If you are unsure, it is best to leave it.

  • Chat with your child about what you are doing together. You can describe colours, textures and smells, and let them choose the (safe) ones that they like.
  • Provide your child with a space to create their garden potions. Remember that it may get a little messy, so a comfortable, flat place outdoors is perfect!
  • Let your child select and add what they like to make an ideal potion. They can pick the petals off the flowers, tear or scrunch the leaves, break up pieces of bark and mix them all together to make the perfect garden brew.

No-one knows your child better than you.  So, choose and/or adapt ideas here to best suit you and your child. Remember it’s the talking and time spent together that matters most.

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