Launching into Learning Online

For ages 0 – 5 Years

During Term 1 2022, we ran a series of videos for families to join Launching into Learning activities from home.

These sessions are a great opportunity to sing, move and listen to stories with your child. Each episode goes for approximately 20 minutes and will provide you with ideas, activities and songs!

You will need a password to watch the sessions. Get in touch with your school to grab these details.

LiL Online – Session 1

Moving our bodies is fun and good for us!
Watch Session 1.

LiL Online – Session 2

It’s good to name different feelings. Closeness and cuddles help children deal with emotions like sadness, shyness and overwhelm.
Watch Session 2.

LiL Online – Session 3

Repeating songs and stories is fun and helps children learn.
Watch Session 3.

Launching into Learning - session 4

LiL Online – Session 4

Use your hands when you talk and sing. This helps children understand what you mean.
Watch Session 4.

Launching into Learning - session 4

LiL Online – Session 5

Keep reading fun – talk about the pictures, make funny noises, snuggle together, finish up when your child has had enough.
Watch Session 5.

Launching into Learning - session 6

LiL Online – Session 6

Describing things gives children a great start in maths. Use words like big, small, tall, heavy, round, etc.
Watch Session 6.

Launching into Learning - session 7

LiL Online – Session 7

Guessing games help your child learn through movement and play. From peek-a-boo to hide and seek, they are developing their thinking skills.
Watch Session 7.

Launching into Learning - session 8

LiL Online – Session 8

You can use visuals and Key Word Sign in your home everyday.
Watch Session 8.

Launching into Learning - session 8

LiL Online – Session 9

Talking about numbers and counting helps children learn early maths skills.
Watch Session 9.

Launching into Learning - session 10

LiL Online – Session 10

Talk about ‘More’ and ‘Less’ This is early maths learning.
Watch Session 10.

Launching into Learning - session 11

LiL Online – Session 11

Moonah Primary
Cooking is a great way to build your child’s language and maths skills.
Watch Session 11.

Launching into Learning - session 12

LiL Online – Session 12

Clarence Plains CFLC
Exploring different places is great for your child’s physical development.
Watch Session 12.

Launching into Learning - session 13

LiL Online – Session 13

Playing outside is great for our wellbeing.
Watch Session 13.

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