Age Group: 5-8 Years

Festive ornaments

Children are small for such a short time. Capture a memory by making a Christmas salt dough ornament of their hand or finger print. A great gift idea for grandparents as well! Your child will learn how to follow a recipe and explore their creativity. What do I need? 2 cups of flour ½ cup …

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Wrap it up!

Have fun pretending to wrap presents! Use some recycled boxes of different sizes, and newspaper or old wrapping paper.

Maxi Visits videos

Welcome to our new Maxi Visits video series! Join Maxi as he visits places for fun, learning, health and development.  

Launching into Learning Online

During Term 1 2022, we ran a series of videos for families to join Launching into Learning activities from home. These sessions are a great opportunity to sing, move and listen to stories with your child. Each episode goes for approximately 20 minutes and will provide you with ideas, activities and songs! You will need …

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Fun with Sounds

Making and listening to sounds is a great way to tune little ears into different noises.  It’s never too early to play sound games.   Your baby, toddler or 5 year old can all have fun.  Playing with sounds will get your kids ready for reading and writing at school.  All you need is a box, some pots and pans and a silly voice!  …

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Keep it Moving

Roll, jump, crawl, climb, throw, hop – there are lots of fun ways for kids to move! Being active is particularly important when kids are young.  Movement helps to build the coordination, muscles and balance children need to set them up for life. All kinds of activities help kids develop movement skills including: Climbing at …

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eBooks for Kids

Did you know you can borrow a book from home? It is also free to do it! Discover eBooks and audiobooks for all ages – from Noni the Pony to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! All you need is a current library membership. You can sign up to get a card in person at your …

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Talk, Read and Play, Everyday

Talking, reading and playing from birth helps to build connections in your child’s brain.  It also helps your child to learn new words. It might feel strange at first, especially if they are a baby. But all these moments add up to make a big difference! You don’t need fancy equipment. Your child’s best toy …

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Hand and finger workout

Help build your child’s hand and finger strength! The muscles are important for managing everyday objects – as well as for writing.  Here are five exercises to make your child’s hands and fingers stronger. You could do them together every day! What do I need? A soft ball or toy to squeeze How do I …

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I spy…3-dimensional shapes

Three-dimensional shapes are everywhere! Your child can hunt them out in your home. Find the shapes, score the points, then start again and beat your score! Exploring 3D shapes will help your child to sort, name and describe shapes.  What do I need? All you need is paper and pen How do I do it? …

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