Go arty

Go arty

Is your child ready to go arty? You can encourage your child to experiment with art materials – even if you’re not an artist yourself.

Painting and drawing develops hand–eye coordination and fine muscles in the hands, which are also very important at school. It also allows your kids to explore their imagination and get creative!

All you need to get started is paper of various sizes, and a selection of painting and drawing materials. This could include:

  • Paint
  • A spray bottle
  • Paint brushes and paint rollers
  • Crayons and chalk
  • Felt pens and pencils
  • Tape, Blu Tack and a glue stick.

You might want to dress your child in a smock or some old clothes – being creative can sometimes get messy!

Use these tips below to help your child explore the wonderful world of art.

Go big! 

  • Put some big pieces of paper on the floor or outside on the ground.
  • Give your child some paint and drawing materials, and let them get creative!
  • They can use paint rollers, large brushes or spray bottles.
  • When it’s dry, add drawings over the top with felt pens.

Go tiny! 

  • Give your child a small piece of paper and encourage them to draw a tiny picture.
  • Fine-line markers or sharpened coloured pencils are great for this!

Go under! 

  • Just as Michelangelo painted the roof of the Sistine Chapel, your child can paint from below.
  • Tape some paper underneath a low table.
  • Then put some mats on the floor and ask your child to lie on their back and draw on the paper.

Go vertical and horizontal! 

  • Tape some paper on a wall or fence (vertical). Then put some paper flat on a table (horizontal).
  • Talk about the way it feels to draw each way and ask if one feels more comfortable.
  • Use the words vertical and horizontal as you talk about it.

Go wet and dry! 

  • Draw on dry paper or card, then on wet paper or card. You can use chalk or paint to draw with.
  • Talk about the differences in colour, feel and technique.
  • What happens if you put too much paint, or press too hard on wet paper?

Go different textures! 

Give your child different surfaces to paint or draw on – such as:

  • Corrugated cardboard from a box
  • A plastic bag
  • Some bubble wrap
  • Different types of fabric
  • Wood
  • Shiny paper or foil.

Ask them to paint or draw on all these surfaces and see what happens. Go for it!