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5 ways of finding calm

April 22, 2022
Relaxing helps our bodies unwind, slows our breathing and our heart rate. It helps our immune systems and concentration. But how do we do it?

The great outdoors

February 10, 2022
A love of the great outdoors comes naturally to some children and can be encouraged in others. But one thing is certain: the outdoors offer a lot for your child!

We love to count

February 9, 2022
Learning to count and recognise numbers is the first stage of maths. It is a skill all children need. It is also one that they can enjoy!

Chit chat with baby

February 5, 2022
From a serious conversation to talking about the weather, what is happening around you or making silly sounds, babies love to hear you talk.

Five fun things to do on a walk

February 1, 2022
Being outside in nature is important for our wellbeing and general health. Going for a walk with our children is a pretty common activity when you’re a parent.

Dance to the beat

January 29, 2022
With music and dance there are so many options and so much potential. Your child will love exploring different styles of music. So, get ready to share your tastes and styles, and explore some new ones together.