Skill: Counting and Problem Solving

Wrap it up!

Have fun pretending to wrap presents! Use some recycled boxes of different sizes, and newspaper or old wrapping paper.

Playing Together videos

Welcome to our new Playing Together video series of fun, play-based learning ideas to do with your child. A few minutes playing together each day builds your child’s brain! Peek-a-boo What you need Tea towel or small blanket. What to do Use the tea towel to cover your own head and play peek-a-boo. Take turns …

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I spy…3-dimensional shapes

Three-dimensional shapes are everywhere! Your child can hunt them out in your home. Find the shapes, score the points, then start again and beat your score! Exploring 3D shapes will help your child to sort, name and describe shapes.  What do I need? All you need is paper and pen How do I do it? …

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Twenty – a fun counting game

A strategic counting game for children as young as six – that will also amuse teenagers and adults. It will help your child discover counting patterns and give them a chance to win against older players.  What do I need? Your child and another player  How do I do it? Two players take turns to …

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Test your memory

This is a detection and memory game that challenges your child to identify what’s missing. They are learning concentration, memory, prediction, thinking and language skills.  What do I need? Tray Cloth – such as a scarf or tea towel Assortment of small objects – such as a piece of Lego, a shell, small toy, bottle …

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Sorting my collection

Sorting is an important math skill for our kids to develop. It is a lot of fun for your child and can keep them entertained for ages. This activity allows your child to learn that things can be ‘the same’ or ‘different’. This is the very beginning of understanding number concepts. It also strengthens the …

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‘Nice or nasty’ card game

‘Nice or nasty’ is a great game to play with the whole family. It helps children learn about three-digit numbers. It also helps to build strategic thinking and problem solving. What do I do?   Pack of playing cards with the picture cards (Jacks, Queens and Kings) removed Paper Pens How do I do it? …

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Let’s guess that sound

Just like a TV game show! This activity helps children listen to and identify sounds. You can help them to hear the differences in sounds – which is the start of language learning. They will also develop skills used in learning to read. What do I need? A box or basket with a cover (such …

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