Skill: Imagining and Creating

Festive ornaments

Children are small for such a short time. Capture a memory by making a Christmas salt dough ornament of their hand or finger print. A great gift idea for grandparents as well! Your child will learn how to follow a recipe and explore their creativity. What do I need? 2 cups of flour ½ cup …

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Wrap it up!

Have fun pretending to wrap presents! Use some recycled boxes of different sizes, and newspaper or old wrapping paper.

Playing Together videos

Welcome to our new Playing Together video series of fun, play-based learning ideas to do with your child. A few minutes playing together each day builds your child’s brain! Peek-a-boo What you need Tea towel or small blanket. What to do Use the tea towel to cover your own head and play peek-a-boo. Take turns …

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Fun with Sounds

Making and listening to sounds is a great way to tune little ears into different noises.  It’s never too early to play sound games.   Your baby, toddler or 5 year old can all have fun.  Playing with sounds will get your kids ready for reading and writing at school.  All you need is a box, some pots and pans and a silly voice!  …

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Talk, Read and Play, Everyday

Talking, reading and playing from birth helps to build connections in your child’s brain.  It also helps your child to learn new words. It might feel strange at first, especially if they are a baby. But all these moments add up to make a big difference! You don’t need fancy equipment. Your child’s best toy …

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What kind of face is this?

Children learn by copying what they see. In this activity your child can show what they feel and see what that looks like. It will help them learn about feelings and how to express them. They can also learn  to recognise feelings in others, which can help them to get along with other people.  What …

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Telling stories with patterns

In Tasmanian Aboriginal culture, people use patterns to tell stories. This is a really interesting idea that children get very excited about. They will learn that patterns can tell stories and then create a patterned necklace that tells their own story.  What do I need? Objects that you can thread – this might be recycled …

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Teddy bear bus trip

Take your teddies on the ride of their lives! Everybody loves to go on the bus and pretending can be almost as fun. Ask your child to gather their teddy family together so they can discover, create, improvise and imagine. This activity helps kids to develop their talking and language skills. What do I need? …

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Spray bottle art

Have you seen what happens to chalk drawings (street art) on the footpath when it rains? It makes a new kind of art. It is also something you can recreate at home with spray bottles and some imagination! It can be a bit messy but the colour will wash out of clothes. This is an excellent …

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Shelter for people and animals

Who needs shelter? Could it be the toy horse or a wallaby? Enjoy exploring the idea of shelter. Your child can get creative building their special toy animal its own shelter. Using materials from outside they are learning to investigate, assemble and invent. People build shelters to suit different environments and weather conditions. We need …

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