Mental Health Support


For ages

Good mental health is important.

It helps children develop in all areas of their life – socially, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Having a strong loving relationship with you is key to your child’s mental health.

But even with strong family relationships, some children will struggle.

It’s normal for children to have ups and down. But some children find it hard to bounce back from the “downs”.

Around 1 in 7 Australian children will experience a mental health condition.

If you have concerns about your child, you can find more information here:

If you have concerns about your child’s mental health and they are under 5, talk to your child health nurse or family GP.

If your child is school-aged, talk to your family GP. You can also access support through your child’s school. All Tasmanian Government schools have social workers and psychologists. Usually, teachers refer students to these services. Talk to your child’s teacher or principal if you think your child needs help.