Vision Support


For ages

If you child is blind or has low vision, you can get support through Vision Services. 

Vision Services support children aged 0-18 and their families. 

They will work with you to support your child to play and learn. 

Vision Services offer home visits on request. They can also connect you with other families who share your experience. 

If you have concerns about your child’s vision and they are under 5 years old, contact your local child health nurse or family GP. 

If your child is 5 or older, talk to your family GP. 

Early Years (Birth to 4) 

During the early years, Vision Services will work with you and your child to support play and learning. 

They can also help with: 

  • understanding the extra help your child might need 
  • tracking your child’s progress 
  • ophthalmology and optometry appointments 
  • connecting with National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) providers 
  • access to braille and assistive technology to help your child communicate.

For more information, email 

School Aged Children 

Vision Services’ teachers will work with your school-aged child to make learning accessible.  

They can: 

  • provide specialised teaching tailored for your child 
  • support teachers to adjust and develop learning plans 
  • help student access assistive technology 
  • provide resources in large print, braille or audio format 
  • make classrooms and other school areas physically suitable 
  • help work with the NDIS and other services. 

For more information, email