Getting ready for school

Getting ready for school

Starting school is an exciting time for you and your child.

It can also be a little bit daunting.

Don’t worry! There’s lots of things you can do to help both of you feel ready.

Get familiar with your local school

It’s never too early to get your child comfortable with their local school.

They can spend time at their local primary school from the day they are born.

Free, weekly Launching into Learning (LIL) sessions cater for children aged 0-5. These play sessions happen at all Tasmanian Government primary schools.

Some schools have special pre-kinder (LIL) sessions for 4 year olds.

Most schools hold kinder orientation days. This is an opportunity to meet the teacher and spend time in the kinder classroom and playground.

These usually happen between October and December in the year before they start kindergarten.

If organised activities aren’t for you, why not take your child for a play in the school playground on weekends.

Go for walks past your school and talk to your child about their exciting year ahead.

Give them plenty of time to ask questions or share any worries they might have.

Healthy and ready

Book your child in for a Healthy Kids Check with your local Child Health Nurse when they turn 4.

This free service is a great opportunity to make sure your child has no issues with their vision or hearing.

Also make sure your child’s immunisations are up to date. If not, make an appointment with your local GP or attend a free vaccination clinic at your local council.

Extra needs

If your child has extra medical or educational needs, it’s best to get in touch with your school early.

Make an appointment with the principal 6 months before your child starts school.

They will be happy to talk through your child’s needs.

Getting to and from school

  • Think about how you will get your child to school. Will you walk, drive or catch a bus?
  • Will you need to organise family or friends to help you with drop-off or pick-up?
  • Do you need to organise Before-School-Care or After-School-Care for your child?
  • Talk to your school about what options are available.

Getting all the gear

It’s likely you will have a few things on your shopping list to get ready for school.

  • A school uniform – New and second hand uniforms should be available to buy at your school.
  • School shoes and socks – Most schools recommend shoes with Velcro straps as many young children struggle with laces.
  • A hat – most schools have a hat as part of their uniform.
  • A backpack
  • A lunchbox and drink bottle – Make sure your child can open their lunchbox and drink bottle by themselves.

Don’t forget to name everything! Lunchboxes, water bottles, and jumpers are easily lost!

Before the first day

  • Get some lunchbox ideas.
  • Get your child to practise wearing their school bag.
  • Pack a spare set of clothes in case of accidents.

On the first day

  • Be confident and excited. If you are, your child will be.
  • Apply sunscreen and remember a hat.
  • Take some photos so you can remember this special day!
  • Spend some time settling your child into their new classroom.
  • Chat to your child’s teacher. They will want to get to know you and your child.
  • At school pick-up time, celebrate with your child – they have finished their first day of school!