Learning in Families Together

Learning in Families Together

Learning in Families Together (LIFT) is a free program for parents and carers with children in Kindergarten to Grade 2.

Children learn everywhere. They learn at home, at school, in the playground and at their grandparent’s house. As a parent, you are one of your child’s most important teachers.

When it comes to what your child is learning at school, it can be hard to know how to support that learning at home – but help is at hand!

Many schools offer tips and advice through a free program. Your school will work with you to boost your child’s literacy, numeracy and social skills.

You will discover that so many things you are already doing at home are helping them to learn. When schools and families work together, the benefits for children’s learning is great!

Talk to your local school to find out if LIFT is available in your area.

Reading to your child

Reading to your child can be a lot of fun. It’s also important for their development. Reading to your child everyday helps them to learn to read.

Tips for this video

Before you start

  • Choose a comfortable place to sit.
  • Have a choice of things to read. This can include books, magazines and pamphlets.
  • Talk about what you are going to read.

During Reading

  • Talk about the story and the pictures.
  • Read the story together.  Your child might join in.
  • Take it in turns to read.

After reading

  • Have a chat – Ask what happened in the story? What did you like most about the book?