Starting kindergarten

Starting Kindergarten

Welcome to Kinder!

In the year your child is four years old on 1 January, you can enrol them to start Kindergarten that year.

In Tasmania, Kindergarten is the exciting first year of your child’s school life.

In Kindergarten children can play, develop confidence and independence. They can also build their social, language and numeracy skills.

Singing, dancing, listening to stories and playing in the sandpit are just some of the great things they will get to enjoy.

They will make friends and get settled into a school routine.

It’s a gentle start to the reading, writing and counting skills they will develop in coming years.

Kindergarten programs are part-time. Every school offers at least 15 hours per week, over two to three days.

Visit the Department for Education, Children and Young People school directory to contact your local primary school for more details.

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Can my child start Kindergarten early?

Your child may be able to start Kindergarten early if:

  • they have been formally identified as gifted, or
  • they have been enrolled in a school before in another state or territory.

If you believe your child is gifted, they may be able to start Kinder when they are 3 years and 6 months old on January 1.

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You can also contact the principal of your local school to discuss options.