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  • Festive ornaments

    0 - 8 Years

    Children are small for such a short time. Capture a memory by making a Christmas salt dough ornament of their hand or finger print. A great gift idea for grandparents as well! Your child will learn how to follow a recipe and explore their creativity. What do I need? 2 cups of flour½ cup salt¾ …

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  • Wrap it up!

    3 – 8 years

    Have fun pretending to wrap presents! Use some recycled boxes of different sizes, and newspaper or old wrapping paper.

  • Maxi Visits videos

    0 - 8 Years

    Welcome to our new Maxi Visits video series! Join Maxi as he visits places for fun, learning, health and development.  

  • Music time with baby

    One of the best things about singing with your baby is that they don’t care if you can sing in tune – they just love to hear you sing! 

  • Playing with light and shadows

    Playing with shadows is something your child might enjoy the next time you are looking for a great learning activity.

  • Backyard obstacle challenge

    We all know how much our children need exercise! Not only does it develop their muscle strength, coordination and control, but if they don’t get the chance to be regularly active, they can start to get a little stir crazy.

  • Launching into Learning Online

    0 - 5 Years

    During Term 1 2022, we ran a series of videos for families to join Launching into Learning activities from home. These sessions are a great opportunity to sing, move and listen to stories with your child. Each episode goes for approximately 20 minutes and will provide you with ideas, activities and songs! You will need …

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  • Scissor Skills

    Children develop their fine motor skills over time. These skills are needed for pencil grip and control, which is important for learning to write.

  • 10 things to do in nature

    Whether it’s a farm, a park, the beach or your backyard, there are plenty of things to do when you go on an adventure in the great outdoors.

  • Passport to Learning

    0 - 4 Years

    The Passport to Learning is a rewards card for you and your child to use every time you attend one of our birth to four years sessions or services. Each time you and your child attend, you will receive a sticker to pop on the Passport. Once you get to 10 stickers, your child will …

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  • Thanking Country

    Do you and your kids think about the traditional custodians of the land you are standing on?

  • Storytime with Babies

    Reading is an essential skill, and a love of reading will stay with your child for life!

  • Playing Together videos

    0 - 4 Years

    Welcome to our new Playing Together video series of fun, play-based learning ideas to do with your child. A few minutes playing together each day builds your child’s brain! Peek-a-boo What you need Tea towel or small blanket. What to do Use the tea towel to cover your own head and play peek-a-boo. Take turns …

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  • Go arty

    Is your child ready to go arty? You can encourage your child to experiment with art materials – even if you’re not an artist yourself.

  • Instagram Links

    Great Start Instagram Links Activity of the week: Build an exercise circuit B4: Why the early years matter Hello Summer! Outdoor activity ideas Passport to Learning Maxi Visits videos Let’s Talk website: Talking tips Launching into Learning videos Great Start Facebook Great Start website About Great Start Great Start blog Copyright and Privacy Information Copyright …

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  • Making Music

    Music is an inspiring and creative part of life. There is nothing better than seeing a child develop a passion for music.

  • 5 ways of finding calm

    Relaxing helps our bodies unwind, slows our breathing and our heart rate. It helps our immune systems and concentration. But how do we do it?

  • The great outdoors

    A love of the great outdoors comes naturally to some children and can be encouraged in others.

    But one thing is certain: the outdoors offer a lot for your child!

  • We love to count

    Learning to count and recognise numbers is the first stage of maths.

    It is a skill all children need. It is also one that they can enjoy!

  • Chit chat with baby

    From a serious conversation to talking about the weather, what is happening around you or making silly sounds, babies love to hear you talk.

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