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  • Playing Together videos

    0 - 4 Years

    Welcome to our new Playing Together video series of fun, play-based learning ideas to do with your child.A few minutes playing together each day builds your child’s brain! Tissue Box Play You will need Basket or trayObjects and toysTissue box What to do Gather your box and objectsExplore the objects and boxJoin in the fun …

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  • Go arty

    Is your child ready to go arty? You can encourage your child to experiment with art materials – even if you’re not an artist yourself.

  • Instagram Links

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  • Making Music

    Music is an inspiring and creative part of life. There is nothing better than seeing a child develop a passion for music.

  • 5 ways of finding calm

    Relaxing helps our bodies unwind, slows our breathing and our heart rate. It helps our immune systems and concentration. But how do we do it?

  • The great outdoors

    A love of the great outdoors comes naturally to some children and can be encouraged in others.

    But one thing is certain: the outdoors offer a lot for your child!

  • We love to count

    Learning to count and recognise numbers is the first stage of maths.

    It is a skill all children need. It is also one that they can enjoy!

  • Chit chat with baby

    From a serious conversation to talking about the weather, what is happening around you or making silly sounds, babies love to hear you talk.

  • Five fun things to do on a walk

    Being outside in nature is important for our wellbeing and general health. Going for a walk with our children is a pretty common activity when you’re a parent.

  • About Great Start

    Great Start is here to help you set your child up for life.   Did you know that 80% of your child’s brain development happens by the time they are three?  All the playing and talking you do with them within their first eight years makes a real difference.  Here at Great Start, you can find out …

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  • Dance to the beat

    With music and dance there are so many options and so much potential. Your child will love exploring different styles of music. So, get ready to share your tastes and styles, and explore some new ones together. 

  • What to expect at 5 – 8 years

    Children are always learning and practicing new things in the early years. Find out what you can expect with your child’s skill development Explore our helpful guides.

  • What to expect at 3 – 4 years

    Children are always learning and practicing new things in the early years.  Find out what you can expect with your child’s skill development  Explore our helpful guides. 

  • What to expect at 1 – 2 years

    Did you know that 80% of your child’s brain connections happen by the time they are three?  Their brains are like sponges, always learning new things. But what can you expect with your toddler’s skill development? Explore our helpful guides.

  • What to expect at 0 – 12 months

    From the moment they are born, babies are taking in the world around them. Their brains are like sponges, always learning new things. But what can you expect with your baby’s skill development? Explore our helpful guides:

  • Fun with Sounds

    0 – 5 years

    Making and listening to sounds is a great way to tune little ears into different noises.  It’s never too early to play sound games.   Your baby, toddler or 5 year old can all have fun.  Playing with sounds will get your kids ready for reading and writing at school.  All you need is a box, some pots and pans and a silly voice!  …

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  • Keep it Moving

    0 – 8 years

    Roll, jump, crawl, climb, throw, hop – there are lots of fun ways for kids to move! Being active is particularly important when kids are young.  Movement helps to build the coordination, muscles and balance children need to set them up for life. All kinds of activities help kids develop movement skills including: Climbing at …

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  • eBooks for Kids

    0 – 8 years

    Did you know you can borrow a book from home? It is also free to do it! Discover eBooks and audiobooks for all ages – from Noni the Pony to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! All you need is a current library membership. You can sign up to get a card in person at your …

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  • Talk, Read and Play, Everyday

    0 - 5 years

    Talking, reading and playing from birth helps to build connections in your child’s brain.  It also helps your child to learn new words. It might feel strange at first, especially if they are a baby. But all these moments add up to make a big difference! You don’t need fancy equipment. Your child’s best toy …

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  • Hand and finger workout

    4 – 8 years

    Help build your child’s hand and finger strength! The muscles are important for managing everyday objects – as well as for writing.  Here are five exercises to make your child’s hands and fingers stronger. You could do them together every day! What do I need? A soft ball or toy to squeeze How do I …

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